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Understanding The World Of SEM And Why You Need It

The online market place is crowded and competitive with millions of businesses targeting the same customers, so how would you as a business stand out and be profitable? This is where Search Engine Marketing comes in as a win for your business because you get to place your pay-per-click ads at the precise time, in front of a customer who already intends to purchase, making the chances of conversion very likely. PPC ads come in various formats like display advertising, social media advertising, remarketing ads, affiliate marketing and so on, providing you multiple routes to choose from and establish your brand visibility.

Where does T-Rex fit in?

To extract the maximum Return On Ad Spend and ROI we start with a team of Google Ad Experts who work towards targeting the accurate audience, the precise platform and the required ad format. Some of the platforms we work with to display and optimize PPC ads are Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  

With T-Rex’s PPC and Google Ads management services you can expect quality website traffic and leads, increased brand visibility and sales along with comprehensive weekly / bi-weekly reports tracking measurable KPIs like clicks, impressions, and conversion.

Our Process Of Building Highly Visible and Profitable SEM Builds

At T-Rex we implement our own SEM funnel, which is Research, Conceptualization, Execution and Optimization. Starting with understanding your company’s goals and expectations, ad platform, and desired target audience is a very critical step for us to formulate the right strategy and PPC budget for ad auctions that will suit your business’s demands. Once we conceptualize our strategy we head towards execution, where daily tracking and reporting play a very important role in generating the best ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for your business’s growth.